our inspection and quality

All our customers, before starting business with TRA, used to have Japanese high-precision manufacturers as their suppliers. We have made great efforts to convince them that our products made in China are as reliable as the ones they had got used to, or even better, and to fulfill their demands.

Therefore we concentrated on the inspection of our products and set it as a distinctive point of TRA's service, intermittently giving instructions on inspection to our inspectors in China. We managed to build an outstanding inspection system and satisfy our customers' quality control requirements. Below you can find an explanation of our inspection system.

1. Dimensions check.

When the product is finished, we check all dimensions by conducting sampling inspection or inspection of all pieces (depending on the lot quantity) with the use of dimension gauges, digital vernier calipers, dial gauges, micrometers, cylinder gauges, height gauges, etc. At the request  of our customer we can submit an Inspection List including selected dimensions.

2. Adapting inspection jig to the product.

Among the multitude of our products there are some that are difficult to inspect due to the shape or dimensions, with use of typical gauges or calipers; for such items we prepare special jigs individually. This helps us inspect our products more rapidly and precisely. In addition, we frequently check the dimensions of inspection jigs as well, and in case of discrepancy with reference standards we mend the jig or remanufacture it.

3. Quenching hardness test.

During sampling inspection of the product, we also check its hardness, making use of a durometer. At the request of our customer the result of this test may be included in the Inspection List.

4. Usage of precise inspection tools and standardization of inspection.

All the digital vernier calipers, dial gauges, micrometers etc. that we use during our inspection are made in Japan. Our specialists have been training Chinese inspectors how to use them precisely and standardize the inspection. This is how we avoid shipping defective products, which might have been caused by individual mistakes of an inspector.

In TRA we always listen to our customers requests and wishes concerning a product’s inspection. Moreover, on particular request we can submit a Certificate of Material Inspection from the material distributor in China.

Our specialists (Japanese engineers), staying in China permanently, supervise every stage of the production process, which helps us keep the “Japanese quality” of made-in-China products.

When receiving the order of an item for the first time, we usually supply the samples and ask our customers for their confirmation before starting lot production.