our service

our advantages

Producing made-to-order products, we meet the individual needs of our customers (end users).

Having developed the associated manufacturers network, and therefore reducing costs to the minimum, we offer competitive prices!

We offer Japanese technology at Chinese prices - because Japanese engineers working for us in factories in China supervise the production and share their knowledge with Chinese workers.

Differing from many other companies that issue the orders to manufacturers in China, we observe every stage of production and inspect all the products completely.

Owning our subsidiary in China ensures quick contact with the makers. Therefore, we are able to make a speedy response to our customer's made-to-order application, question or any doubt concerning the manufacturing process.

We offer competitive products, regarding the Chinese market, outstanding in two aspects: quality and price.

Our associated manufacturers network with more than 50 factories renders our production range relatively wide.

Our products are manufactured from high quality materials (carbon steel, aluminum, etc.). At the request of our customer we can submit the Certificate of Material Inspection from the Chinese inspection office.

Although metal prices on international markets are increasing rapidly, we maintain quoted prices for a relatively long time.

We always do our best to ship goods in the shortest possible time.

We listen to our customers' demands concerning packing products in carton boxes, wooden cases or pallets. If necessary, we can pack products separately depending on the appointed delivery place.

We let you check us! On your demand we can manufacture and supply the samples of your desired product, and let you decide whether to issue your lot production order with TRA.

At any moment of the manufacturing process you can postpone the desired shipment date.

Few, but well educated, friendly and full of energy TRA office workers - this is our strength! We know one another's duties well, which enables us to take over the duties of other workers during their absence. We never make our customers wait too long!