Welcome to TRA COMPANY Homepage.

TRA Co, Ltd. based in Osaka is a Japanese manufacturer and distributor of a broad range of machinery parts manufactured mainly in China.

Since its foundation in 1990, we have developed the manufacturers' network mostly in Changzhou, Ningbo and Qingdao in China. With their cooperation we have been offering our Japanese customers quality custom-made Chinese products at competitive prices.

Around the time of establishment, no one thought Chinese manufacturers could supply quality products. We have, however, challenged the common opinion and made a great deal of effort to satisfy the demand of customers who desired quality goods at a reasonable price. We have given technical instruction to Chinese workers and encouraged their eagerness to become more skillful with the support of Japanese supervisors. As a result of long-term effort, the quality of their products reached the satisfactory level Japanese customers require, which enabled us to offer a variety of items meeting the needs of each customer.

Nowadays, having obtained the full satisfaction and trust of our customers, we supply over 500 kinds of machinery parts to more than 30 Japanese manufacturers and distributors, and our business is growing steadily. With such a record of achievements, we would like to offer our service and products to the customers in international markets, and we truly hope this website will help you choose us as your new supplier.


Material Prices in China

- ss41 -

- 3mm:7,800CH¥/TON